MillRag - The no tying Du-Rag

The Millrag was created out of the desire to have a durag that didn’t require tying. Like the majority of tie durags on the market, they leave indentations in the back of the head, essentially ruining the desired wave pattern. 

This unique design allows the strings to stay flat around the head for a better secured and comfortable fit. The velcro design also offers easy adjustments as to how loose or how tight you desire the fit. One size fits all adults and teens. Kids sizes coming soon.

The Millrag is offered in two different styles that will enhance your waves and protect your hair style. One made from a lightweight silky material for a lighter feel and one heavier in weight thick silky material offering longer durability, both great for achieving the ultimate wave pattern.

Hook and loop attachment

One size fits all adults and teens.

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Youtube link: How to put on your Millrag
  • Black no tying durag

  • No Knots in back of head for better comfort

  • Great for laying down waves

  • The MillRag